Thursday, July 30, 2009


:) Tall, slim, handsome, chinky eyed man.
So fragile to look at but brave and strong.
Romantic at heart and a poet at times. (just like me!)
A man who had a big, big heart...enough to love his family and the people around Him.
A kind hearted, soft spoken and intelligent man.
A man who will give his right and left hand just to help the needy.
A good adviser, a good friend and a good listener.
A good and caring husband, father and a grandfather.
He love his family more than anyone else in this world.
Qualities of a man so rarely to find now.
We are so LUCKY to have him as our father.
A father whom you can count on always.
A father who lets you do your own way but will shower you with his words of wisdom.
A father always there when bad times came our way.
A father who never once hit or shout on us when we did something wrong instead he will embrace you and explain the consequences of that wrong deeds.
For me He is not just a father... He is also my best friend.
May the good LORD bless you long life, good health and happiness.
And may GOD bless you to keep your promised to me...that you'll never leave me unless you hold my hand as we walk along the aisle towards the altar where my groom is patiently waiting for me and till the time i give birth to your grandchild to me. I LOVE YOU DADDY, I LOVE YOU MY BEST FRIEND!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

" EYES "


:) At a quick glance seeing your picture, ive noticed those pair of eyes and makes me so curious to look at it closely.
Nice eyes, full of words and yet mysterious.
Those eyes melted my heart.
Those eyes haunts me at night.
Those eyes thrills me and makes my body on fire.
Those eyes forced me to know the person who owns it.

Chances are........... YES!
And unexpected chance came, when one day you said HELLO.
Friendships between us began to grow... friendships we continue to nourish every single moment we can.
Though our eyes doesnt meet yet personally,
I know when we are both ready our eyes will meet and when that moment came...
My eyes will not resist and surely i will provoke you and make you mine.



:) When i was young i already pictured out whom i want to meet, whom i want to be with and who is my Perfect man. I cant say i am that beautiful nor a beauty queen material... attractive? maybe.
Admirers kept on coming as i turned into a lady till i become a woman. Sadly, among those men who tried to win my heart dont possess the qualities of my Perfect man, some have a two or three but still far beyond of what i have in mind. Li'l did i know there's no such a thing as a perfect man because neither I or millions of people out there are not perfect.
I have to change my views on finding the man of my dreams but only this no longer looking for Mr.Perfect, i am now searching for Mr. Right.
How will i know if he is right one for me? Simple... if the love you can feel for him awakens your soul, plants fire in your heart, bring peace to your mind,inspires you in every possible way,and makes you smile when you think of him perhaps he is the RIGHT one but then only GOD can tell whose right for our life. I'll keep on praying, hoping,dreaming,wishing and have faith that soon Mr. Right comes my way.


Monday, July 27, 2009

* On second time *

:)She's so young back then, so innocent and pure yet need to embrace a new stage in her life.Not in her wildest dream this would happen. She's just a young lady who believe and give in to the sweet tongue of the first man in her life. A young bride, a young mother to be but all she can do is face it bravely.......

She tried her very best to run a family at such a young age but just like any other stories of young marriage, her own stories need to put an end, to put an end to unsuccessful family life. She continued her life but only this time as a single mom. I must say she did well and good from raising her two daughter, running the household down to the smallest details......

Years had passed .......until she met the second man in her life. At first she's so hesitant and afraid but the man is persistent winning her love. A man who accepted her past, a man who show and shower her so much love and respect. And now they are in their 7 months together as sweethearts. Im watching from behind, a silent witness of the loved they are sharing. I hope, i wish and pray that the love she finally found is the love will last a lifetime and stay forever.
for alvin and nina


Sunday, July 26, 2009

" Question of the Heart "

:) I had to think that YOU like me yet either am i sure that you can even consider me as real friend for the great distance between us.
As farther grievend the enthusiasm of my heart to know you better.
Im starting to convince myself to feel contentment on what we really are or otherwise in the meantime.
But if you will ask me i will surely HOPE for the best.
Whenever im all alone my heart is drowning in emptiness and loneliness.
I am telling myself "Hey! dont be stupid, live in reality" but what can i do?
How can i tell to this heart to stop from wanting you, when every beat of it shouting and longing for you.
Foolishness...... I know and i am aware that it will stay that way for a little while?
Nevertheless i am willing to wait till that time come, when all of this feelings may turn further to a more positive result or perhaps just fade away in time.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

" Loving and Forgiving "

:)Find someone who love truly, madly, deeply and never get hurt.
Find someone who loved and get hurt so badly and forgive right away.
Human by nature cannot forgive easily.....
I've been through heaven and hell in terms of love.
I once gave my whole life to the one i love before.
I left nothing for myself to the point that i cant even recognize whose the real ME.
I was blinded and enslaved by foolishness.
My mind is aware and shouting to stop but my heart refused and say just go on.
Until reality came.....
Nothings left but myself all alone.
Crying in deep pain and agony.
He's gone and dump me for another love.
He walks away together with my heart.
And now i dont know where to start.
So many years and chances in my life passed.
This all i got in exchanged for my true love.
The price i never deserved.
Too late for me to get back all the time he had stolen.
Revenge begins to arise in my heart.
Anger and hatred start to grow as the days go on.
Broken heart is not easy to mend.
So i prayed hard and ask for GOD's guidance and help.
It took years for me to be able to find and forgive myself.
It took years for me to realize that things fall apart so better things can fall together.
It took years for me to understand that our plan does not unfold the way we thought it would be.
It took years for me to know
that unexpected changes are opportunities in disguise.
It took years for me to let GOD be in control and use me in His own way.
I can say now that i can take another challenge in love.
The hurt is gone and forgiven.
I am ready enough to love and be loved.
But only this time.....
I will love myself first and best for me to be able to give a better and unselfish love.


" Better with Age "

:) Many of us fears aging with all the trouble it brings. Some people are obsessed with physical fitness. Some spend money to hide all the signs of aging. Some are brave enough to go under the knife. Some devote their time and effort to acquire wealth to the extent they sacrifice their own health and when they get old they spend all the money they have just to restore their health. While its true the older we get the worse we get physically. But do you know we can be better with age? By drawing closer to GOD, by committing yourself in prayer and in God's word. Beauty, good body, good health and wealth will surely pass and fade away in time but the more and more time we devote to our spiritual well being, the better we become as we get old. Dont get me wrong..... i didnt say that you dont need to take good are of your body. All im saying is Be beautiful, stay beautiful but dont forget to nourish your soul. After all Beauty start from within!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


:) I am a romantic at heart, im in love with love, im a dreamer othertimes a poet and a writer.
I believe in destiny, in soulmate and in ever, ever after. I believe in whats real to reel.
But what will you do if one day out of
nowhere your heart travel?
Strange? yes! it is very strange but all you can do is let your heart travel to that
Let your heart DREAM, dream to be in that person arms.
Let your heart WISH, wish for that person kiss.
Let your heart HOPE, hope for that person love.
Let your heart PRAY, pray for a miracle to happen.
Silly? i guess but its true,
Heart doesnt ask why, heart doesnt think twice or whisper from a distance.
Hard to explain nor understand, but for now.....
I just let this heart travel and have faith that when this heart come back,
That person heart follow.


"Languages and Cultures"

:) Miss.Curious as my teacher called me backed in my intermediate days and until now that im a grown-up woman, im still that same little girl whose very curious with a lot of things. The same little girl who never get tired of finding out, searching and learning new stuff ( but i know when to stop and what is right from wrong, of course).
Out of my curiousity again, my new adventure in life began when i got interested with other countries languages and cultures. I sat down in front of the computer and start searching..... Alas! i found LIVEMOCHA, a website where you can learn languages for free and have a chance to talk to all natives of that language your interested to learn. I sign up and choose language i prefer to learn from spanish, portuguese(brazil), french and italian and start searching for my language partner. I still remember my first friend is a gay professor from brazil, he is nice and educated and believe it or not, he is also my first chatmate outside my comfort zone (lol). And from that day on lots of friend request came in and at the present i have 514 friends from different part of the world and rest are history.
I can say that in this adventure ive learned a lot of things, not just languages and cultures but also communicating and making friends. Some are good and happy experienced, some are sad and frustrating but the best part ive learned is that distance doesnt matter, what matter is the sincerity and honesty you impart to all your new friends and one day when you get a chance to meet them face to face, i can proudly say HELLO FRIEND i am Miel your filipina friend.
Thanks LIVEMOCHA and more power!



:) Im a simple woman with a simple dreams in life,
But its so strange that what is so simple to others seem so impossible in my life.
I believe in GOD, I have Faith that can move mountains,
I believe in Miracles, I know Wishes do come true,
I also believe that Patience is a virtue.

But what's the essence of this all,
When you feel lonely and empty inside,
When your heart crushed and broken,
When your tired of waiting and hoping,
When you feel all the things your doing makes no sense at all,
When there's a time all you wish to do is to just sit and stare at a blank wall.

That's the old me..... a few years ago,
But now....
That i knew God truly exist in my life,
That my Faith changed and moved me,
That Wishes do come true in His time and
That Patience is truly a virtue.

Im still a simple woman with the same old dreams in life,
And that dreams are.....
To be well love and get marry someday,
To have a child of my own,
To be peaceful with myself,
To be contented with my own family,
To be a good wife and partner in life,
To be a good mother and
To live happily ever after,
In God's Time.




:)The greatest dream of every normal woman is to become a MOTHER.....and if there's one woman i admired most is my NANAY (my nanny).

I grew up with my nanay bcoz my mom left me when i was 3 yrs.old. I still remember i always envy my friends everytime i see their mom hugging and kissing them and in the air i whispered "wish my mom is here and do the same" then Nanay will comes out and kiss me, hug me so tight and let me sit on her lap.

She stand for me as a mom, she taught me a lot of things, she always tell me to be kind, gentle, caring, god-fearing.....she makes sure that i grew up every inch a woman from household chores to cooking. Nanay is such a goooood cook!

I remember my toys are different from the usual toys girls could toys are small version of broom and dust pan, a small palayok (clay pot), plastic plates, spoon, fork, cup, saucer and small version of fruits and vegetables. In that palayok i first learned how to cooked rice and invent my own recipes..... those were the days.

I can proudly say she did her best to raised and mold me to become a fine lady.
Oh God! i miss her so much...her embrace...her unselfish love...i miss her when i need someone to listen to all my hang ups...i miss her sopas which she patiently cook everytime im sick...i miss the way she took care of me... i miss when she get mad at me and after awhile cuddled me and explain why she get mad...i miss her words of wisdom...i miss how she recites the rosary at dawn while im still asleep ( lol )... i miss her smile... her voice... Nanay is simply the best.

As im getting older the more i appreciate and thankful i am, for all the things ive learned from her. She devoted her time and strength, effort and attention. Not once she leave my side..... but her time has went home to our creator though i know she dont like to leave me but i have to let her go.

And before she close her eyes..... she whisper something in my ears "wherever i go...i will always be at your side...look inside your heart and you will see me there everytime you miss me.

Nanay is one of the best gift god has given to me and im very lucky to have her as my mother..... it doesnt matter if not by flesh and blood..... what matter is nobody can replace her in my heart even my own biological mom... ever.