Sunday, August 30, 2009


:} Because of technology things becomes so easy nowadays. All instant are readily available in just a snap of a finger. Instant food, instant messaging, instant picture, instant conversation and even instant relationship. But according to some statistics "INTERNET RELATIONSHIP" usually dont succeed, Why? Maybe because of the distance? They said that the succeeding rates are between 70/30% ratio... meaning only 30% do succeed and the rest are history. Maybe true, maybe not. In my own opinion, i believe that sometimes an honest conversation between two individuals is enough to know a certain person though not quite that well but chances are! they can both build and establish a good friendship that can be developed in time and can lead to the next level of relationship. I already witness a couple who met through phones ( phonepals ) yet they are still happily married for 20 long years.A friend of mine met his husband through exchange of letters ( penpals ) for a year and when they met they decided to get married and still together . I have a neighbor married twice to a foreign guy ( because the first one died ) she both met them through internet. As a living witness, these kind of relationship are all possible.Love in anyway can succeed as long that the two individual involves are ready and very much willing to make that relationship work regardless of distance or any reason. I also believe that the important key element of any relationships to succeed is the HONESTY, TRUST and RESPECT you give for each other whether instant or not.




:} Tall, handsome,smart,romantic, a dashing debonair,everyone's dream perhaps. I said to myself... He is the one for me and i will do my best to have him and win him. Strange as it may seems but i wont give a damn, i did my best ...i follow everywhere he goes,im like a puppet doing as what he wish me to do, i jump,i dance, i cry, i laugh, i roll down, i crawl, i beg,i never left a single dignity for myself just to have his love and attention.And yet after all the things and effort i made...he mocked my feelings and it hurt me so bad, it would be better if He just stab me straight through my heart.So i set him free... i accepted the fact were not meant to be together. I live a normal life again. Until the day come...He is asking for my love,promising things, uttering undying love, feeling sorry for taking me for granted before. HUH! its too late i said... i gain back my senses now and i come to realize...He dont deserve a single drop of my tears, He is not worth it for my love and most of all He is just a dream that turns out to be my worst nightmare. Good riddance!

to you who came to experienced this, i hope your happy now with your new found love!



:} Another ordinary day. I slept lonely last night and when i wake up loneliness is still around. But when you look at me, you wont even notice that in my eyes there's an emptiness inside of me. I always wear a smile, I smile even to someone i come to across with because i know what power smile can do. A simple smile can almost save someones life. Yes thats me! its not the i like to pretend, its just i like people to remember me as a "Happy Person" eventhough sometimes im dying inside. Im a fighter, a survivor perhaps and im a woman of faith but like anyone else im vulnerable. An ordinary woman seeking for love, for care, for attention. An ordinary woman longing for man's touch, man's kiss, man's caress. An ordinary woman who dream to be a wife and a mother someday. But whatever life can offer to me, whatever GOD plans for me, I'll just wait in silence...hoping and praying. I maybe an ordinary woman but i always give my very best whether in life or in love.



Saturday, August 29, 2009


:} The more you learned to love someone the more and more you become afraid of losing that person. No matter how much that person affirm how much love he/she has for you, still you cant ignore the fact that someday he/she might have a change of heart. It's easy to believe when that someone tells you exactly what you wanna hear. Sometimes the truth is there's nothing so sure in this world specially if it's about loving and trusting. But then when you really love that someone the only thing you can do is to believe and trust, with your eyes close, fingers cross and hope for that person's love to last till the end. So, if loving someone means to be hurt then i rather be hurt than not to love at all.If loving someone means to sacrifice then im willing to sacrifice if that's the only way to prove my love but i know my limit and when to put a stop to everything.

thanks daddy for giving me title for this blog.I love you!


Friday, August 28, 2009


:} Loving someone from a distance makes my heart go crazy.
Yearning and longing for that persons touch and kiss.
Sleepless days and nights my heart is aching in so much pain.
If i have wings i will fly to HIS side just to see and hold HIM even for awhile.
If i knew a magic spell i will cast the spell just to be with HIM.
If i can have three wishes i will spend it all wishing only HIM.
If i could reach HIM someway i will LOVE HIM good enough for HIM to stay.
But i have to be patient until the time will come that we can be together.
And be with HIM always and forever.

thanks to my friend elaine and my hipag lirio!


Monday, August 17, 2009


:) YOU came like a whirlwind in the desert. Bravely telling how LOVE hit you straight from the HEART. I was thrilled by the way YOU speak. Amazed by the way YOU express your feelings to me. YOU came in my life when i thought i had nothing, when i thought i'll be fine without a man in my life but YOU made me feel so special. Full of doubts and with hesitations if you are for real or reel and yet i still decided to accept your love knowing there may be chances YOU may break my heart. YOU asked me to believe and trust you and thats what I did. Day by day, Little by little you're winning not just my heart but my whole being. YOU made me feel i have everything when i have YOU. YOU made me feel were really meant to be. YOU reached out and touched my heart, my inner soul that no one ever did before. It's so UNEXPECTED...I fell in love with YOU as i fell in love again with my own life. Sometimes I wonder if this is really happening or just a dream but everytime I thought of YOU, YOUR smile, YOUR words of love and the thought of being with YOU tomorrow is enough for me to get through each day, enough for me to hold on and to wait because if fate want us to be forever... I know we will be together even if it means a LIFETIME.



Saturday, August 15, 2009



:) I may not get to talk with you as often as i like. I may not to get to hold you in my arms. But deep in my heart i truly know you're the one i like and love. Whenever you feel a warm breeze brush against you... that's the KISS i blew to you. Distance doesnt matter if you really like or love the person... what matter most is your HONESTY and TRUST for that feelings to work out. When you miss me just look in the night sky and remember... i'm like a STAR sometimes you cant see but i'm always there. There are no long distance on how we feel, it always find a way to bring US together no matter how many miles away. Distance never separates two HEART'S that really care. Whenever i start to feel sad because I MISS YOU... i remind myself how lucky i am to have a someone so special to miss. I long for the day i'll dream of your KISS NO MORE, when your LIPS will caress MINE for real, when your TOUCH makes me ALIVE and the SIGHT of YOU arouses all my senses. If the days wont allow US to see each other... memories will and if my EYES cant see you, my HEART will NEVER forget you. I will be waiting always. Whatever it takes, whatever at stake... i'll be right here waiting for you. I think of YOU with every waking moment of my life and dream of YOU with every dream that i have. Close together or far apart... you're forever in my HEART

Always for you,



Tuesday, August 11, 2009


:) I met you in a very strange way, we began to liked each other, we're contented on what we are at the moment, nurturing the time we can by simply talking, laughing and sometimes by having intimate conversation. Friends with mutual understanding, no pressure, no hassle.
But as vulnerable i am, my feelings grow deeper, never thought it could fall this way but it happened. So i took the risk when i started sending love letters, love songs, love notes not once i missed doing this almost everyday just to let you know i care more than friend. Till i noticed we rarely talk, days, weeks past... It hurts to think im about to lose you, im asking myself what have i done wrong? blaming myself for the wrong moves i made. There are nights i cant sleep, crying for my foolishness. I also thought im just one of those you've met... Yes you like me but not enough for your love but still i hope in silence, im hurting inside but i know there's still a chance. Another week had passed and im about to give up on hoping so i decided to put an end to this hurt that i felt inside but just like the thief in the night... you came back, so warm, you make me feel im important and most of all....finally you uttered those words i longed to hear, the assurance for me to hold on... though i still have doubt in my mind but my heart is rejoicing in so much happiness enough to give what we have another chance and be contented again on what we really are. Im not yet ready to face whats the future lies on us but im willing to give our love a chance.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

" Is it the WOMEN ? or the MEN ? "

:) I got this chance to read an article about on "How to attract and keep Mr.Right", honestly the writer got my full attention. In fairness to the writer all he said was absolutely right but as i kept on reading and analyzing it, ive seen some disadvantages and advantages on our part as women. Alright, im not arguing with the writer because obviously He only wants to help women who desperately looking or seeking Mr.Right, but i just like to impart my own points of view in regards of this men and women matters. Let me start by saying that all three mistakes he mentioned are all true, ( Mistake # 1> Leading a man to think you are "NEEDY" and "INSECURE"... Mistake #2> Appealing to HIS "SEXUAL" side instead of HIS EMOTIONAL side... Mistake #3> Not knowing how to size up A man's "RELATIONSHIP POTENTIAL" ). Yes some women tend to those mistakes but basically women do such thing out of love, women are bound for being a hopeless romantic, women often times follows the heart instead of listening to her instinct though i found the article very informative... in my own opinion! i dont think that i need to catch Mr.Right myself. Im the kind of woman who dont pretend about who am i " What you see is what you get" at times im naughty or bitchy but doesnt mean im not entitled for man's LOVE and RESPECT and i believe that even the SLUT or WHORE needs to be love and respect TOO. GOD created as in HIS PERFECT LOVE but still as a human we are not PERFECT. So why you MEN need to JUDGE as women on a simple action we made out of winning your attention and love which you men think we do it the wrong way and besides WHO are you to JUDGE us in the first place? Come to think of it ?!



:) We met... became friend... became close friend.
We laughed, we cried, sometimes argue.
We even knew each other's dreams and secrets.
So at ease when were together mostly thought for being more than friend.
We shared good memories of friendship.
One day you called me... i noticed excitement in your voice and i asked why?
Your happiness became the most saddest moment in my life.
I cant utter a single word, i never expected to hear those words coming from you.
Then you broke my silence and asked " If im not happy for you? "
Hiding my tears, my emotion and i cleared out my throat as i answered backed...
YES! im so happy for you my friend.
I LIED.............
We hang-up the phone and tears began to flow in my eyes, my heart is shouting in deep pain, my world turned upside-down.
So stupid of ME to LOVED you more than friend, to HOPE that you can noticed me more than friend, to WISH for you more than friend, to DREAM that we can be forever more than friend.
From that day on things turned out differently for us, you became busy with your new found life.
So i decide to keep all of these in my heart, to remain silent on what i feel for you eventhough im DYING INSIDE.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


:) Raised and born as a Roman Catholic.
Eyes wide opened on what is right and wrong.
A sinner or a saint ?
Just like millions of people I also have my own shortcomings as a human, as a christian.
But because of faith i get easily aware even on a simple and small wrong doings or act,
such as not saying a prayer upon waking up in the morning, before and after each meal or before bedtime.
Although i'm trying my best to read at least a passage or two in the bible daily, write a thanksgiving and sorry letter in my journal, sharing GOD's love to other people or impart some words of wisdom.....
Still i'm not perfect as a human, mostly im naughty, hard-headed, foolish but i can say that i live and breath by GOD's love, by faith and by believing JESUS is my savior, He died for my sins and the only begotten son of our creator.
Its not important on what kind of religion we have, whether a Catholic, Born-again, Muslim, Buddhist, Protestant.....
Whats important is our belief that somewhere out there, there's a powerful eyes watching over us, willing to help us anytime, will never judge us, ready to listen and forgive us no matter how imperfect we are, we dont need a cellphone to call HIM because He is just a PRAYER away and most of all HE is the only one who can LOVE us PERFECTLY and UNCONDITIONALLY.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


:) We were born to LOVE, designed and handcrafted by our CREATOR out of PERFECT love.
LOVE is the sweetest and wonderful feelings in the universe.
Giving and sharing love is the best experience we can have in our life.
But loving someone at first sight ?...........
Possible or impossible ? Strange or weird ?
Honestly speaking... as far as im concern, i dont easily judge whether these so called " love at first sight " thing is possible or not ? only the person involves nor can experience it have the right to answer.
But the only thing im so sure of :
Love knows no reason
Love knows no distance
Love is blind
Love can move mountains
Love can be contagious
Love can be selfish
Love is patient and kind
Love NEVER gives up its FAITH and HOPE.
So falling in love to someone at first sight, WHY NOT !
After all there's nothing wrong with it... in fact it sounds so romantic.
And besides no one can tell what the future lies in once person, maybe that person is your RIGHT ONE's, your destiny, your fate, your life and your everything.
Miracle do happen just believe ! and its soooooooooooo NICE to be in LOVE !