Wednesday, October 14, 2009


:( These past few months,i'm struggling so hard to find a solution to my problem, a problem that needed some further evaluation otherwise wrong move can lead to a worse situation. But no matter how i tried to do it my way it seems i can't still find the right answer, to the extent that this problem overwhelmed and caused me some sleepless nights. So i look up to GOD knowing he can provide me the right solution. I asked HIM to light up my path for me to see clearly. I asked HIM to shower me more patience to go through till everything goes right. I know in GOD's own special way miracle will come. I do believe the hand that supplied our greatest need - forgiveness of our sins- is the same hand that can adequately supply the solution i needed.Im giving all my trust to HIM to accomplish things that seems impossible for me. I also believe in HIS right time that i can find what im looking for and all will turn out well and good.




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