Sunday, October 18, 2009


:( Something happened these past few days, it's quite unexpected, never thought nor even in my wildest dreams these nightmare will come my way. I know some of you will agree on this - Other people may never think twice to betray you but your loveones no matter how serious your arguments you had with them...NEVER! - that's what i thought! but it happened to me and maybe to some people out there too. It's quite normal among siblings to have petty quarrels or misunderstandings, what's not normal is that certain misunderstandings will lead to such emotions that will regret in the future. We as human beings are capable to all kinds of emotions such as anger, act foolish, to lie and to do nasty things.Emotions usually enslave and blind our feelings and accept no reasons. A burst of emotions sometimes can kill all the love and respect we had out of anger. For me as much as i can when im angry or not in a good mood i'd rather sit inside my closet ( weird?) than to utter a single word i might regret -IT'S BETTER TO BITE YOUR TONGUE THAN TO LET IT BITE SOMEONE ELSE-. Because of what happened i've learned a very important lesson and GOD showed to me the area of my life that needs my attention that has been neglected a long time ago out of love to people around me.I'd liked to thank and praise GOD for the wonderful gift amidst the pain i feel right now i can still wear a smile.In due time, all the things that has been done and all the feeling that has been felt, no matter who did the part will be forgiven because of the same blood runs through our veins. Nobody can predict one's future except HIM, no matter how we plan for our life or reach for that goal still GOD has the last word on what is good or not for all of us. I pray that along this journey of my life miracles, true happiness, peace of mind and the sign i needed as my guiding light for a better decision will come and overflow in HIS time. Amen♥




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