Sunday, August 30, 2009


:} Another ordinary day. I slept lonely last night and when i wake up loneliness is still around. But when you look at me, you wont even notice that in my eyes there's an emptiness inside of me. I always wear a smile, I smile even to someone i come to across with because i know what power smile can do. A simple smile can almost save someones life. Yes thats me! its not the i like to pretend, its just i like people to remember me as a "Happy Person" eventhough sometimes im dying inside. Im a fighter, a survivor perhaps and im a woman of faith but like anyone else im vulnerable. An ordinary woman seeking for love, for care, for attention. An ordinary woman longing for man's touch, man's kiss, man's caress. An ordinary woman who dream to be a wife and a mother someday. But whatever life can offer to me, whatever GOD plans for me, I'll just wait in silence...hoping and praying. I maybe an ordinary woman but i always give my very best whether in life or in love.




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