Thursday, August 6, 2009


:) We met... became friend... became close friend.
We laughed, we cried, sometimes argue.
We even knew each other's dreams and secrets.
So at ease when were together mostly thought for being more than friend.
We shared good memories of friendship.
One day you called me... i noticed excitement in your voice and i asked why?
Your happiness became the most saddest moment in my life.
I cant utter a single word, i never expected to hear those words coming from you.
Then you broke my silence and asked " If im not happy for you? "
Hiding my tears, my emotion and i cleared out my throat as i answered backed...
YES! im so happy for you my friend.
I LIED.............
We hang-up the phone and tears began to flow in my eyes, my heart is shouting in deep pain, my world turned upside-down.
So stupid of ME to LOVED you more than friend, to HOPE that you can noticed me more than friend, to WISH for you more than friend, to DREAM that we can be forever more than friend.
From that day on things turned out differently for us, you became busy with your new found life.
So i decide to keep all of these in my heart, to remain silent on what i feel for you eventhough im DYING INSIDE.



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