Tuesday, September 8, 2009


To love is to wait.
Wait for the right time.
Wait for the right man.
The man who is worthy of your love.
To love is to try.
Try even if you don't know anything
about the rules of love.
Try to learn from the heart,
And you will know everything.
To love is to be happy.
Happiness that can't be measured.
It can only be felt by the heart.
It can only be felt by the one who love's
truly and unconditionally.
To love is to cherish.
Cherish the moments,
moments that will always be in our minds.
Moments that will be in our hearts.
To love is to sacrifice.
Sacrifice means self-giving,
willing to do anything and to give everything.
To love is to feel pain.
Pain that can't be cured by medicine.
It can only be cured by time , by forgiving.
To love is to forgive.
Forgive the person who hurt you badly.
Forgive all the things that has been done.
Forgive with all your heart and you'll find true happiness.
But above all this, To love once again is the greatest.
Because again you are willing to try,to cherish,to sacrifice,
to feel pain, to be happy and to forgive once again




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