Sunday, August 30, 2009


:} Tall, handsome,smart,romantic, a dashing debonair,everyone's dream perhaps. I said to myself... He is the one for me and i will do my best to have him and win him. Strange as it may seems but i wont give a damn, i did my best ...i follow everywhere he goes,im like a puppet doing as what he wish me to do, i jump,i dance, i cry, i laugh, i roll down, i crawl, i beg,i never left a single dignity for myself just to have his love and attention.And yet after all the things and effort i made...he mocked my feelings and it hurt me so bad, it would be better if He just stab me straight through my heart.So i set him free... i accepted the fact were not meant to be together. I live a normal life again. Until the day come...He is asking for my love,promising things, uttering undying love, feeling sorry for taking me for granted before. HUH! its too late i said... i gain back my senses now and i come to realize...He dont deserve a single drop of my tears, He is not worth it for my love and most of all He is just a dream that turns out to be my worst nightmare. Good riddance!

to you who came to experienced this, i hope your happy now with your new found love!



Blogger Mariel Gonzalez said...

when we love, we should always leave something to ourselves. coz in the end it will only be you and yourself.

August 30, 2009 at 4:48 PM  

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