Saturday, August 29, 2009


:} The more you learned to love someone the more and more you become afraid of losing that person. No matter how much that person affirm how much love he/she has for you, still you cant ignore the fact that someday he/she might have a change of heart. It's easy to believe when that someone tells you exactly what you wanna hear. Sometimes the truth is there's nothing so sure in this world specially if it's about loving and trusting. But then when you really love that someone the only thing you can do is to believe and trust, with your eyes close, fingers cross and hope for that person's love to last till the end. So, if loving someone means to be hurt then i rather be hurt than not to love at all.If loving someone means to sacrifice then im willing to sacrifice if that's the only way to prove my love but i know my limit and when to put a stop to everything.

thanks daddy for giving me title for this blog.I love you!



Blogger Mariel Gonzalez said...

it is better to love the person with all honesty. and if in the end it fails, atleast we know that we loved him/her.for me, i won't regret just incase i loved and lost in the end. coz i know that i gave the best of me.

August 29, 2009 at 9:01 AM  

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