Sunday, August 30, 2009


:} Because of technology things becomes so easy nowadays. All instant are readily available in just a snap of a finger. Instant food, instant messaging, instant picture, instant conversation and even instant relationship. But according to some statistics "INTERNET RELATIONSHIP" usually dont succeed, Why? Maybe because of the distance? They said that the succeeding rates are between 70/30% ratio... meaning only 30% do succeed and the rest are history. Maybe true, maybe not. In my own opinion, i believe that sometimes an honest conversation between two individuals is enough to know a certain person though not quite that well but chances are! they can both build and establish a good friendship that can be developed in time and can lead to the next level of relationship. I already witness a couple who met through phones ( phonepals ) yet they are still happily married for 20 long years.A friend of mine met his husband through exchange of letters ( penpals ) for a year and when they met they decided to get married and still together . I have a neighbor married twice to a foreign guy ( because the first one died ) she both met them through internet. As a living witness, these kind of relationship are all possible.Love in anyway can succeed as long that the two individual involves are ready and very much willing to make that relationship work regardless of distance or any reason. I also believe that the important key element of any relationships to succeed is the HONESTY, TRUST and RESPECT you give for each other whether instant or not.




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