Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll Always Be Your ANGEL

From the moment you call me ANGEL, in the silence of my heart i made a promise that i will gladly play the role of an Angel into your life, knowing the reasons behind but i know its not by accident why our paths crossed ... hoping whatever reasons it may be ... will bring out good and right for US. To be an Angel is not an easy task, knowing i dont possess a supernatural power of a true Angel but i know i have the ability to inspire you , to help you and to keep your heart burning in every possible way i can. I dont have WINGS to fly but everytime you will need me ... i'll be just around ... if you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to your dreams and failures, a guidance, a teacher, a lover at times or simply a friend that you can talk and laugh with and be your secret box. I dont have HALO but i can shine like a ring of light everytime you need in your darkest moments. Im not a SPIRIT who can get through the walls but im willing to get through your soul just to make sure you will walk in the right path of life. But im not PERFECT like a TRUE ANGEL time will come that i'll be needing some strength from you, some love and care, patience and understanding, can be hurt if not treated right. If along your journey and you find a much better Angel be Honest enough to tell and i will understand even if it means the end of that journey. As long as you still need me... i will remain at your side as a faithful ANGEL i can be :)



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