Monday, August 17, 2009


:) YOU came like a whirlwind in the desert. Bravely telling how LOVE hit you straight from the HEART. I was thrilled by the way YOU speak. Amazed by the way YOU express your feelings to me. YOU came in my life when i thought i had nothing, when i thought i'll be fine without a man in my life but YOU made me feel so special. Full of doubts and with hesitations if you are for real or reel and yet i still decided to accept your love knowing there may be chances YOU may break my heart. YOU asked me to believe and trust you and thats what I did. Day by day, Little by little you're winning not just my heart but my whole being. YOU made me feel i have everything when i have YOU. YOU made me feel were really meant to be. YOU reached out and touched my heart, my inner soul that no one ever did before. It's so UNEXPECTED...I fell in love with YOU as i fell in love again with my own life. Sometimes I wonder if this is really happening or just a dream but everytime I thought of YOU, YOUR smile, YOUR words of love and the thought of being with YOU tomorrow is enough for me to get through each day, enough for me to hold on and to wait because if fate want us to be forever... I know we will be together even if it means a LIFETIME.




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